Friday, December 5, 2008

Tomorrow: Hawaii

We are in a hotel in Kansas City.


I had told the hotel when we made the reservations that we had dogs. When we checked in, the girl behind the counter asked me what kind of dogs. When I said one was an English Mastiff, she gave a gasp of delight and said, "That's the kind of dog I want! Can I see him?"

So I called out to the car and asked Kerry to bring Rigger into the lobby. Five employees came to see him.

He was scared of the automatic door.

This does not bode well for the airport.

Emily was ready to go to bed as soon as we got here.

Katie is using Rigger as a pillow and watching TV.

Ben and Ringo have made themselves comfy.

Ringo likes to occasionally look out the window.

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  1. the funny thing is... we had to move to a different room because the fridge didn't work. it was two steps from the room we were going to get. But... in those two steps (this is katie by the way.) my mom and dad were busy so us kids moved the dogs to the new room. but Ringo likes to explore a lot, so as soon as the door opened, he shot like a bullet down the hall. emily and I chased him as ben held rigger back. but unluckily for us, Ringo found the stairs. when we saw that, emily told me to get daddy. so I sprinted back to the room. gasping for air I told him what had happened.we both ran to the stairs just as emily came down with Ringo. we started joking about how funny it would have been if Ringo had gotten in the elevator. that was a adventure!