Monday, December 29, 2008

Aloha House!

We moved into our new house today!

This is my new kitchen!

This is the long skinny room next to the kitchen that is too small for a table.
And the counter area is too low for stools.

The floorplan says it's a "pantry". Hmmmm. I don't know about that.

Don't pantries have shelves?

These are the built in shelves in my dining room and the fireplace in the living room.

They have....painted some reason.

This is our "covered patio" (that's what it says on the floorplan). covers the A/C unit.

A partial shipment of goods also arrived today. We had some stuff in temporary storage for the last year and we requested specific items out of there be sent to us. They sent my china hutch.........but not the shelves or anything that goes in the china hutch.

They were supposed to ship the trampoline, but didn't. They were not supposed to ship the bowflex, the futon, or the lawnmower, but did.

It is all sitting in my house now.

They sent the frame of our outdoor table, but not the top of it. There is no place to set your plate or glass.

Here's a tip: follow the delivery men around.
When you tell them, "Put the futon in the narrow room next to the kitchen",
this can be heard as, "Put the futon in the middle bedroom on the opposite side of the house from the kitchen."

Piglet arrived safe and sound much to Katie's delight.

This is "Aloha furniture". Basically it is loaner furniture that they put in your house until your real furniture arrives. It's all very industrial and plastic coated.

Watch the furniture delivery men. They will wait until your back is turned, and then they will ask your spouse to sign the paper work because they know that he will not notice that they did not deliver a washer and dryer and then they will skeedaddle away quickly.

They do not answer the phone once they have left.

This is our temporary dining room furniture with plastic covered chairs.

They must have heard about Katie's eating habits.

This is mine and Kerry's room with our Aloha furniture.
They do not let you remove the plastic.
I think we need to go buy sheets.

This is Ben's shower which, hilariously, does not have a door or even a shower curtain rod.

Even more hilariously, there is no door between the shower and the laundry room,

so anyone who walks in there had better not be shy.

On either side of Ben's shower are Ben's two rooms. Ben gets two bedrooms, because they are so tiny. They used to be "maid quarters".
Apparently, maids didn't need space. Or closets.

His aloha furniture fits in one room, but his real furniture will not. We will have to put his bed in one room and his dresser in the other.
I don't know where we will put the dogs.


  1. Merry Christmas, despite blackouts and weird post housing!

  2. Only you could make this story hilarious! GG