Monday, May 4, 2009

Ben's Feet

Ben went camping with his youth group this weekend.

He said it was the best weekend he's had since we've been in Hawaii, and possibly in his entire life.

The one negative part was that he stepped on some coral out in the water and cut his feet up pretty good. He swears it was all dead coral - you shouldn't touch live coral, much less walk on it because it damages the coral. No one ever mentions that it also damages your feet. They just tell you not to damage the coral.

Also, coral is a living organism. If you step on live coral and a tiny piece breaks off in the cut, it will continue to grow. Did you see the movie Alien? If some creature incubates in Ben's feet, then breaks out and eats us all one night, I'm going to be quite miffed.

(Make sure you read the inscription on his tee shirt in this picture. It's quite appropriate.)

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