Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saved By Maternal Instinct

Today, I came home from having coffee with a friend to find my laundry room flooded. The utility sink (into which the washing machine usually drains) was full of water and had apparently overflowed all over the room.

I reached into the sink to find out what was clogging it up and found a sponge blocking the drain.

My darling son, whom I love, I really do, uses this sink daily. He is the only person in the house who uses this sink. He swears he did not leave a sponge in the sink.

We started mopping up the floor with towels when I suddenly realized that I was cleaning up the wet mess all by myself.

I stomped in here and found my darling son, who most likely caused this giant soggy mess, checking his email!

Sometimes maternal instinct is the only thing that keeps me from throttling him.

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