Monday, March 25, 2013


Wednesday was the first  day of Spring.......

Sunday it started to snow.

This is what Spring looks like in Illinois.  

Thank goodness it isn't winter any longer, I'm not sure we could handle it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome Home

After ten weeks away to attend school, Kerry is finally back home.  The dogs are always delirious when he comes back so we just stay out of the way until they've finished greeting him.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

For The Birds!

Katie walked by the front window this morning, glanced outside, and said, "Oh, WOW!"

 We were surrounded by birds.
Hundreds of birds.
Thousands of birds.
Front yard, back yard, neighbor's yards.
Birds everywhere!

Then all at once, they all took off.
They must be heading north for the summer.
Look out, Canada!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Friendly Fruit

It's always nice to walk in to the kitchen first thing in the morning and be greeted by a banana.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Dogs Took Themselves Out For A Walk

A few nights ago just before bedtime, Ringo started doing the doggie dance that indicates he wants to go out in the backyard.  Emily told him, "I just let you in!  I'm not letting you back out again so fast!"  So I got up and let him out.

A few minutes later, I heard Katie let him back in.  

A few minutes later, I heard Emily let  him back out.  I really only noticed because she was grousing at him about why he was going in and out so much.  When Ringo really wants something, he stands and stares at you, makes a huffing noise, and hops with only his front feet.  It's very distracting and impossible to ignore.  If you try, he head butts you.

Then it was bedtime and I sent everyone to get ready for bed and I went around locking all the doors.  I checked to see if the dogs were outside before I locked up.  I didn't think I had heard them come back in but didn't see them anywhere.  The outside light was blown out though, and in the dark it was hard to see the whole yard.  They didn't come when I whistled and I didn't think I saw them so I locked up and walked through the house securing everything for the night.

But I didn't have to step over Rigger as I was walking around.  That's really odd, he's usually very underfoot.  

I checked the basement.  No dogs there.

I alerted the girls.  Emily ran outside to see if she could see them in the backyard.  Katie checked the upstairs.  No Rigger.  No Ringo.

Emily came running back inside, "The back gate is open!  They must have gotten out!'

I had just double checked the gate a few days ago to make sure it was latched tight.  What happened!?  We never come through the gate!

We realized that Ringo had probably been coming in and out trying to get our attention to let us know that Rigger had walked out of the yard.  Ringo is brilliant and will often let us know when something is wrong or when he wants something.  For Rigger, everything is just sounds and smells.  We figured Ringo had been trying to tell us that something was wrong outside and we needed to go look, and we we didn't, he just internally rolled his eyes and though, "Crud, I'd better go with him then, that dunderhead will never find his way back."

So Emily and I piled in the car to go look for them.  We drove all over the neighborhood with the windows down (yes it was freezing) calling and whistling.  Uppermost in my mind was the thought that perhaps someone had stolen Rigger.  If someone opened the gate and had bacon, Rigger would have gone with them without a backwards glance.  He's AKC registered and a fine specimen of a dog if I do say so myself.  

Another thought in my head was that a week earlier, friends of ours in Georgia had lost their lab when he got out of their yard and someone shot him.  Who the heck would shoot a lab??  Rigger is friendly as all get out, but he's huge, and if someone would shoot a lab, they might likely shoot a mastiff.  In the dark they might think he was a lion that escaped from a zoo.

Finally, when we had covered all local territory and realized the search was fruitless, we headed back to the house.  Just before we arrived, Katie texted that the dogs were back home.  They had been hanging out in the next door neighbor's yard and Katie was able to corral them back home.

So they are safe and sound and I have a few more gray hairs.

Monday, March 11, 2013

At The Phlebotomist

Emily has been suffering from exhaustion to the point where I was becoming concerned that she might be anemic.  She will be standing there talking like a normal person and she will turn white as a sheet and have to go nap for seven or eight hours.  I did the whole "how worried should I be" dance in my head and finally decided to take her to the doctor and have her blood checked.

Emily apparently has my father's tiny veins.  It took two phlebotomists examining both arms to find a vein they could use.  

Because this was in the middle of the day, they asked her if she was glad to be missing school.  She told them she is homeschooled and would still have to finish her schoolwork for the day.

I piped up and told them this was a field trip for her to learn what a phlebotomist does and they looked at me like I was the worst mother on the planet.  It was a joke, people!

All of this resulted in the knowledge that Emily is deficient in Vitamin D which you get from sunshine (we haven't seen the sun in Illinois since November) and milk (which Emily is allergic to).  So now she is taking Vitamin D supplements.

In three months we will take another "field trip" to draw blood again and see if she's perkier (more perky?). 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

These Boots Were Made For Lying

Emily had a doctor's appointment this past week.  They always start by weighing her, measuring her height, and taking her blood pressure and temperature.

When it came to measuring her height, we discovered she is now 5'4"..... exactly one inch taller than me.

She looked at me with a huge, cheese-eating grin. (Except she's allergic to dairy, so maybe it was more like a huge, processed-soy-with-cheese-flavored-additives eating grin.)

"I'm taller than you," she grinned at me.

"Big deal, most of the population is," I responded.  "But right now, I'm wearing boots with a two inch heel and you're wearing flats, so in my boots, I'm taller than you."

Emily just smirked at me, "Your boots are a lie."