Saturday, December 26, 2015

What's For Dinner?

Kerry was served some VERY fresh seafood!

Horrifyingly fresh.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hot Wings

I took the girls out for lunch today at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We were doing some last minute Christmas shopping and decided we needed sustenance and there just happened to be a BWW in the shopping center.

I love their boneless parmesan garlic wings.  Katie wisely chose honey bar-b-que wings.  Emily, however,  got a wild hair and ordered the third spiciest wings on the menu.

Those wings were forevermore hot.  I had one bite and the heat was pretty intense.  Luckily I had celery sticks, ranch dressing, my own non-hot wings, and a sweet tea to help clear the spiciness out of my mouth.

Emily kept eating those wings.  It became a source of great pride to be able to finish those wings without crying (or dying).  She has since stated that this was not her best decision.

By the end of our meal, she was slugging down water and rubbing ice cubes on her lips.

Katie, who needed to clean her Invisalign braces with water before she put them back on her teeth, asked Emily, "Can I use some of your water?"

"Like hell!" snapped Emily, snatching up her glass and slugging down more water.

I think next time she may order something a tad milder.