Monday, July 18, 2016

Hawaii Trip

So, it all came down this way:

Kerry called me back in March and said, "Don't kill me.  They want me to go to a conference in Hawaii from May 10th to the 12th."

"Aw man!  You get to go to Hawaii?  That is so not fair!"  I pulled out my calendar to write down the dates.  It wasn't until I was actually looking at the calendar that it hit me.  "You're going to be in Hawaii on May 11th?  Our 25th anniversary?  Are you kidding me??"

Neither of us had even realized it!  We both heard "10th" and "12th" but didn't make the connection of it also including the 11th which is our anniversary.  When Kerry first left for Korea, he had planned to save his R&R to come home for our anniversary.  Then Ben set his wedding date for June and we realized Kerry would have to save his R&R for that.  We would miss spending our anniversary together.  

It's definitely not the first time that's happened but we had planned for a while to do something really special for our 25th.  That's a big milestone and I was crushed that we weren't going to be together.  But being the military wife that I am, I just looked at the situation, said, "Oh well.  That's what it is."  And moved on.

Then finding out that Kerry was going to be in Hawaii on our anniversary lit a fire under me.

Kerry told me, "If I'm going to be there, you should see if you can get a ticket!"

"Oh, I'm going!" I responded vehemently.  "If you're going to be there, there's no way I'm not going!"

It wasn't long before we realized the girls would kill us if we went and they didn't.

So we made plans.  We bought tickets and we made arrangements for the girls to stay with their best friends while we were there.  Kerry had a hotel for the first few days and then we stayed with friends for the last few days.  He was able to extend his time there and take a few days extra after his conference.

We spent some time up on the North Shore.  It's one of my favorite places.  Our church had baptisms and picnics there.

Kerry and I went by ourselves one morning when his conference was over.  We picked up coffee and just went and sat at the beach for a while.  I kept crying.  "Oh look!  People are su-su-surfing!"  "It's a shame there aren't any tu-tu-turtles today."  I was a basket case.  I had not realized how much I missed it.

"Remember how many games of ul-ul-ultimate we played here?"  

We stopped and had shave ice at Matsumoto's while we were there.  It's one of those things that everyone has to do and which we oddly enough never did during our three and a half years there.

The camera got all weird on me.

And the sun was glorious.

On our 25th anniversary we went to eat at Haleiwa Joe's, our favorite restaurant!

A nice new mural in Wahiawa!

Stores in Haleiwa

Nice new stores in Haleiwa

Our church kitchen had been completely revamped.

I couldn't believe how fabulous it looked!

North Shore surfers.

I just liked this bench.

Our favorite coffee shop.

Being all touristy.

That famous sign.

That famous clear water.

That famous blue sky.

Emily and her BFF 

All of Katie's friends had grown a lot taller while we were gone!

We got to help paint scenery for the play!

And of course, rice was served with everything!

On our last morning there, I picked up Emily and we headed to our church to pick up Katie.  We pulled into the parking lot and we both started crying.  We had to sit out there for about fifteen minutes and just sob it out before we could go inside to say goodbye to everyone.

I thought maybe I would have all the tears done and I would be okay then.  But no.  I sobbed all over several people.  It was so hard to leave again.  We've missed it all so much.  We've missed our friends.  We've missed our church.  We just haven't found anything like it anywhere else.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Katie's Lip

Poor Katie can not catch a break lately.  On top of having all her foot issues, her dentist found a growth on her lip which needed to be removed.

 Katie said she thought it was just a little flap of skin and she hadn't really thought much about it.

Other than gnawing on when she was bored.

I had to take her to an ENT who cut it out and cauterized her lip.  The look Katie gave me when they brought out a huge needle was priceless.  I wish I had gotten a picture of that but it might have incinerated the insides of my camera.

After a few days, the area turned into a really icky scab.  Luckily it wasn't visible unless she pulled her lip down specifically to show it off.

Now she has healed completely and the biopsy showed that it was benign.  Thank goodness!  I don't think we could have handled any more medical needs around here!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Car Trouble

 Life just hasn't been exciting enough for me lately.  So, I decided I would almost back my van into a ditch while leaving the home of Katie's harp teacher.  Her driveway is very steep and I was asking Katie about her lesson so I didn't realize that the driveway not only curves a little bit at the bottom, it also has a deep drainage ditch on either side of it.  

I realized it when my left rear wheel hit the ditch.  I tried to pull forward and was able to make it a little way up the steep hill but after a few moments I was completely off the driveway and was stuck in the mud and wet grass.  I tried going forward, backward, and sideways to no avail.

I left Katie sitting in the front seat as I trudged back up to the house to tell Katie's harp teacher, "Hi, I'm a moron and I think I'm al little teensy bit stuck."  I knocked on her door and then turned to look back at Katie and realized I was not so stuck after all as my van was at that exact moment sliding backwards down the hill with my darling daughter in the front seat looking at me with her eyes wide as saucers.

I thought my running days were behind me, but as it turns out, I am quite a sprinter when the situation calls for it.  I took off down the driveway and reached the van just as it jolted to a stop.  The whole way I was thinking, "Did I freaking FORGET to put it in PARK!?!?"  I had after all, just spent some time putting it in forward and reverse, forward and reverse, trying to get it out of the mud.  
When I reached the van and snatched the door open I could see that the van was in park.  I quickly asked Katie, "Did you touch the gear shift?"  I thought maybe she had just put it in park when she realized it was sliding.  

She was laughing so hysterically she could barely answer, "No! I was just sitting here!"  I had actually put it in park but apparently the mud and slick grass were just not enough to support the weight of the van.  I had only thought I was stuck before - now I was very much stuck in a ditch, blocking half of the road, and with one wheel merrily up in the air not even touching the ground.  

I got Katie out of the van posthaste and sent her back inside with her harp teacher - who had been standing with her hands clamped over her mouth staring in horror.  I called for a tow truck and when they asked me if I was in a safe spot I responded with near hysteria, "I'm blocking half the road!  Someone's going to come along and hit me!"

Amazingly at that moment, a fireman happened along and asked what had happened.  I explained the situation and told him that a tow truck was on the way.  He told me he would radio it in and then he left. I went into the house to sit with Katie.  The harp teacher had gone to lie down because she had a headache.  Imagine that.  I was shaking so hard I nearly collapsed into the chair.  I was there less than a minute when a policeman happened by and turned on his flashing blue lights when he spotted the van.  I headed back outside.

I explained what had happened.  He remarkably didn't ask me to take a breathalyzer.  He told me he would just sit there with his lights on to keep anyone from running into the van.  I told him the tow company had said it would be about thirty minutes before they could get there.  He told me, "It's okay.  I have reports I need to fill out so I'll do that while I sit here."

Thankfully, the tow truck got there about five minutes later.  It took him quite a bit of maneuvering to get the van back onto the street.  There was shockingly no damage to the van.  

Most of the damage was to my ego which was mangled by the whole process.

The harp teacher told me I might want to just park on the street from now on.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy Birthday To Emily!

19 years of beauty and brains in my life!