Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Harp Recital

 Before she was injured, Katie had her first harp recital.
She played several songs with the girls in beginning harp.  I was a little disappointed because they played songs like "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Mary Had A Little Lamb".  I've heard Katie play more advanced songs and those seemed a little too easy to me.

But then, Katie stayed up on stage as the Level Two class went up to play.  And she played the first three of their five songs with them!

Emily and I looked at each other, "Did you know she was going to play with the next class?"
"No.  Did you?"

Katie really enjoys harp and I'm so pleased it's something she can continue to do despite her injury.

They had a professional photographer there who took pictures of each of the girls with a harp.

All of them stood next to their harps pretty much like this:

Katie posed like this:
I don't know where she gets it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Brushing Ringo

Kerry and I picked up the dogs from the kennel today.  They had been bathed and smelled really nice, but hair was coming off Ringo in handfuls.  I asked Kerry if he would take Ringo outside as soon as we were home and brush him to get all the loose hair off.

Kerry texted Emily, "Can you locate Ringo's brush, please?  He's shedding like crazy!"

EXCEPT.....the phone autocorrected the word "shedding".  It was a similar word that meant Ringo was actually pooping a lot.  Please tell me you get it.

Emily texted back, "Woah.  Not sure the brush will help with that.  Try giving him some toast."

Monday, June 6, 2016

Latest Foot News

Katie got the cast off today.

She had it less than a week!  I wonder if that was a record of some kind.

They were able to remove the sutures.  Yay!!

Katie's surgeon told her that the outside of her foot might not look so great right now, but the inside of her foot was the most beautiful he'd ever worked on.

He also reiterated that she had REALLY messed up the inside of her foot.

She now has this robotic leg boot she has to wear for protection.

She's not happy about this at all.

She will have to do physical therapy for quite a while and when the screws and metal plate are ready to come out, she will have to have surgery again - probably in two to three months.

She's not happy about that either. 

She realized today that she will likely not be able to ballroom dance in the fall and possibly no archery either.  That hit her fairly hard.  Tears made an appearance.  

She resilient though; she will adapt and overcome.

She may not be able to walk, but she's gorgeous and that helps a lot.  :-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Week After Surgery

Katie went back to the surgeon yesterday to have her foot checked.  It was the first time we saw the stitches.  When we saw her after surgery, her foot was already wrapped up in three inches of gauze and it's been wrapped like that ever since.

The doctor decided that the sutures were not quite ready to be removed.

There are stitches in the side of her foot where they inserted one of the screws.  The surgeon told us that she has to be very, very, very careful not to put her foot on the ground.  Any pressure at all could cause the screws to shift or break and that would be very, very, very bad.

They knew we were going out of town for the wedding this weekend.  In order to protect her foot as much as possible, she was put in a hard cast.  It will come back off on Monday so they can check the sutures again.  This cast has a very limited time to be signed!

Katie may not get to have a lot of people sign her cast
 but she currently still has the initials of the surgeon on her big toe!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Spiritual Moment

I walked into Emily's room and woke her up from her nap by whispering.


She sat straight up and looked at me, eyes wide.

"Do you know what day it is?" I asked quietly.

"Um....Thursday?"she responded just as quietly, obviously puzzled.

"Yes.  And do you know what happens on Thursdays?"


"It's boneless wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings."

Her eyes grew even wider, "It is?" she whispered.

"It is," I whispered back.  "It only comes once a week, like a little present from God.  And we haven't been for quite a while, which is really quite rude of us."

Emily crossed her self and blew a kiss up at the sky.

"I think we should go," I said.

"To honor God," Emily responded somberly.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Surgery day came quickly.  Katie wasn't allowed to eat from midnight the night before, so Emily and I didn't eat either.  Solidarity, sister!

When they put the IV in the back of Katie's hand, she squeezed my hand so hard I thought she was going to break some of my bones and they'd need the surgery room for both of us.  Katie didn't cry, but you could tell by her face that it hurt a lot.

As soon as that was done, Emily stood up and said, "I'm going to go find something to eat."  The nurse, who was still bent over Katie's hand, took one look at Emily and said, "Sit back down!"  Then she turned to another nurse across the room and said, "Get some juice and crackers!"  Emily had gone white, even her lips were pale.  She can handle getting shots on her own, she just doesn't like seeing it happen to Katie.

We had to wait quite a while, but the time for surgery finally arrived.  They gave Katie something to relax her and then wheeled her out.  I didn't like them taking her away while she was still awake, I wanted to be with her when she went to sleep, but she doesn't even remember being wheeled out of the room.

Three hours later the surgeon came and found us in the waiting room.  "The ligaments in her foot were just blown apart," he told me.  "Blown apart."  He had put in a metal plate and five screws. 

They let us back to see her and she was having juice and crackers.  She looked at Emily and said, "I really want to throw this juice box at you."  Apparently anesthesia makes her aggressive.

The nurse told me to put ice on her foot for 30 minutes several times a day.  I looked at Katie's foot which was wrapped in three inches of padding and asked, "Do you think the cold will get through all the bandages?"

"Probably not, but do it anyway."

They let her leave the hospital before she could even walk.  She conked out on the way home.

Back at the house, she asked Emily to make her a hamburger because she hadn't eaten all day.  She had a little trouble actually eating though!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Fractured Foot (Part 3)

Thursday morning we headed back to the hospital to handle pre-op.  I had to sign another dozen papers.  Then we had to meet with anesthesiology, then Katie had to have blood drawn, then we had to go to the pharmacy and get all her medications for after the surgery, then we had to go to physical therapy for lessons in how to use crutches.

Katie had already been using crutches for six days so I really didn't think there was much they could show her.  I was really surprised at how much more information there was though.  I had mainly been thinking of just walking with the crutches but they also showed her how to sit in a chair while using crutches and how to navigate stairs.

They even had her practice on a little staircase.

The physical therapist asked me who the surgeon was and when I told him he said, "Good.  If I was having surgery, that's who I'd want doing it.  And I'm not just saying that."

That made me feel much better.  Her surgeon is only thirty-three years old.  It's one of the first things I asked when he asked me if I had any questions after he had explained all the details about the surgery to me.  He laughed when I told him I needed to see his diploma from med school because he didn't look old enough to be a doctor.  He said, "I know, people tell me I look like I'm twelve."

He told me that Katie was scheduled to go first the next morning but that could change based on what other cases came up.

"I have a lieutenant colonel who decides all that though," he said.

"Well, I have a lieutenant colonel too, and he says Katie should go first," I told him.

Katie did not end up being first, but that wound up being a good thing.  Had she been first, we would have had to get up around 3:30 in the morning.  Going second let us sleep in a little later.  We were still trying to overcome jet lag and emotional trauma and a few extra hours of sleep were very welcome.