Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rigger the Bold

We had Bible study at our house tonight. Of course, we move extra chairs into the living room to accommodate everyone. And after everyone leaves, we move the chairs back to where they go.

Apparently, the sight of me crossing the room holding a chair is terrifying to behold. Rigger nearly wet himself. He decided the best course of action was to flee, but found himself trapped. He catapulted himself over the arm of the sofa and conversely onto Emily who was lying on the sofa reading a book.

Now imagine a 155 pound dog dropping out of the sky onto an unsuspecting 90 pound girl. The results were not pleasant.

Much later, when she had calmed down and finished crying, she came to me laughing and said she bet it looked pretty funny. Now she's got the giggles over it.

That dog is embarrassing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Passing of the Razor

My sister and I were not allowed to shave our legs until we were 12 years old. Period. It didn't matter how hairy we were, twelve was the magic age. I don't know why that particular number was picked but it was a huge deal in my house. I still have a picture of my sister jumping up and down with joy, holding the Ficker Razor she had just unwrapped at her twelfth birthday party.

A few days ago, I was looking at my darling daughter and noticed how hairy her legs are. She has brown hair, and it was really standing out against her skin. That whole puberty thing has really kicked her hair production into overdrive.

But........she's only eleven. The magic age is twelve.

Oh well.

The magic age will have to change or my daughter will be tasered and tagged as the next Sasquatch.

So we had a little mother daughter bonding moment sitting on the side of the tub with me teaching her how to shave. I was nervous that she was going to cut herself. Puberty has made even small issues become worthy of tears and declarations of never doing something again in her whole life (slamming door sound here). A little nick in her leg might have wound up with all of us in therapy.

Fortunately, it went well. She's very tickled to have smooth legs now. Only one minor scrape was incurred, and luckily it didn't cause a melt down.

Phew! I have passed the razor on to my child; the world is now hers.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Has anyone seen my camera?

I can't find my camera. This is so frustrating. I know I brought it back from Virginia, because Kerry looked at the pictures on it. That's the last time any of us remember seeing it. We have torn the house apart looking for it. I can't post pictures on my blog without a camera!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"I'm Doing Good!"

Katie loves to greet the guards at the gates when we come on post. When we stop for them to check my ID, she always rolls down her window and says "Hi!"

Yesterday, the guard smiled back at her and said, "Hi! How are you?"

She replied, "I'm doing good."

Once we drove off I said to her, "You know honey, you should say 'I'm doing well', not 'I'm doing good'. When you say 'I'm doing good', it means you are working with the homeless, or helping orphans, or volunteering for charity. 'I'm doing well' means you aren't sick."

Katie replied, "I didn't understand a thing you just said."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ben's First Missions Trip

These are some pictures of Ben's trip to Maine. It was his first missions trip (I'm so proud!).

There was plenty of goofing around!

This is my favorite picture from the trip. They got to go sailing one night and sailed into Canadian waters.

They painted houses and scraped roofs.

When the weather was too bad to work on the houses they helped with Vacation Bible School.

They kept the kids at VBS entertained.

He did this on my birthday.

Did I say I was proud?

Hawaii, Here We Come

So if you haven't heard yet........we are supposedly moving to Hawaii.

I KNOW!!!!!

I say supposedly, because orders can change. Anyone in the military life knows not to get too attached to the idea of moving to a particular place. We just spent a lot of time praying with some friends of ours here who got a great assignment they were thrilled with, only to have it snatched out from under them. I've also known two families who had their orders changed after their household goods were packed and shipped overseas. Took them over six months to get their stuff back.....

So I'm not married to the idea. It won't kill me if our orders don't come through. I won't even cry.

But,'s hard not to dream about it. I've never even been to Hawaii on vacation but I've heard about it. I've spent a lot of time researching Hawaii for the last few weeks and it's hard not to get excited. I've watched television shows about it on the travel channel, I've googled it, I've talked to people who've been there.

Rest assured, if we do get to move there (which I will really start to believe as soon as my feet actually touch island) this will turn into a blog about living and homeschooling in Hawaii. I plan to cover every aspect of it that I can!


Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm So Tired

I'm back, but I'm exhausted. Driving 18 hours to VA, then 6 more hours to NC, then back to VA and KS again is not my cup of tea! Right now I wouldn't care if I never drove again!

I will post about the trip as soon as I get a spare moment. We started school this morning because I want to get as much done as I can before we move. I also started taking water aerobics again this morning. It's only 11:30 and I'm ready for a nap!