Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Won This Thang

My friend Mary says I win something every time there is a drawing or a contest.

It's true.  

Or, it used to be true.  When we were living in North Carolina, Mary would fuss that she never had a chance to win anything if I went, because I would always, always win a prize.  I always win small prizes though.  Only occasionally do I win a big prize.  Once I won a trip to Hawaii but I was living in Hawaii at the time.  It was to a different island though and it was a lot of fun.  Once I won a $500 gift certificate to an arts and crafts supply company.  But usually it's small stuff.

So, this week, I went to a luncheon where we played Bunco (I won nothing) and then we played Left, Center, Right and I won the grand prize:

This Halloween Wreath