Friday, February 28, 2014

Murder Mystery Theater

For Valentines Day, we took the girls to a local restaurant which was having a special "How To Host A Murder" style dinner theater.

The performers (all both of them) walked around and chatted with us before the actual show started and then gave us each a character bio as to who we would be during the performance.

Despite the spelling, my name was pronounced "Hotty Tottie".  I was a mermaid.
Kerry was a pirate and got to yell "Arrgh!" a lot during the show.

Both of the girls were mermaids like me.  Emily was not pleased that she had such a non-descriptive name.  But they were very pleased that they got to scream and swoon whenever Captain Jack's name was mentioned.

The pirate wench rubbed Kerry's head as she went by one time and then she kept coming back to rub it over and over.  She announced to the entire room that it was like rubbing a chinchilla.  The girls say they are scarred for life now.

Katie got pulled up on stage at one point to talk about her feelings for Captain Jack.  This may have been a mistake as Katie will take the mike and not give it back.  She has a lot to add to any conversation, that girl.

Kerry was the only one of us who guessed who the murderer was.  This was absolutely the most fun we've had since we moved to Illinowhere.  We laughed and laughed - the food was great, the company was divine, and frankly, I just couldn't have asked for a whole lot more for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Think She's Smart!

Brilliant Emily is taking two classes at the local community college.  This semester she is taking English 101 and History 218.  The classes are one right after the other and she has a fifteen minute break between the two.  There are a few other students who are also in the same two classes and she sees them (but doesn't interact with them in any way because she's an introvert and that's how she rolls).  But she knows who they are.

And apparently they know who she is too.

She was sitting in her English classroom reading a book while waiting for the class to start when two guys from her history class walked in, sat down, and started talking about the history test they had just gotten back from their professor.

One of them was complaining about how hard the test was and how he had apparently studied all the wrong stuff.

"I bet that girl did really well, I think she's really smart.  You should have seen her grin when she got her test back."

They're right.  She got an "A" on that test.  She is really smart.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Thunder And Lightening, Very Very Frightening!

The thunder, wind, and hail visited Illinois again this week.  


Ringo didn't like it.  I knew he would be bothered so I went in search of him and found him burrowed in the bottom of the linen closet.  

 He jumped out before I could get a picture of him.  I was only able to get this shot of him emerging.  He knows he's not supposed to be in there and he probably was trying to get out before mean ol' mama got him.

 Then while Katie was washing dishes he tried to wedge himself between her legs and the counter.  She opened the doors under the sink to give him more room.

I removed some of the cleaners so he could get himself all the way in the cabinet.  He didn't stay there long.  He wanted to be in a small space but he also wanted to be with his people at all times.

 So while I was at the computer, he was under the desk at my knees.  He would look up at me and pant like a steam engine, breathing hot doggy breath into my face.

When I opened the pantry to get items for dinner, he tried to climb in there, but there wasn't room.

When I opened the fridge, he tried to climb in there, but I shooed him away.

When I was cooking dinner at the stove, he was between me and the oven, despite the fact that my toes were touching the bottom of the oven when he wedged in there.

I still don't like him to go in our room so we keep the door shut.  However, I keep finding him in our room anyway because it's his favorite place to be when he's scared.  I thought Kerry was forgetting to shut the door, but on the day of the big wind, thunder, and hail Kerry was at work, and I knew I had shut the door.

Then Katie walked into the hallway from her room to find him standing on his hind legs and opening our bedroom door using his front paws.

This dog is seriously starting to freak me out.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bed Swap

 Ringo and Rigger have taken to sleeping in Katie's room.  We've taken the precaution of laying a blanket on the floor to protect the carpet from drool and fur.

Unfortunately, Ringo doesn't believe that blanket is for him.