Monday, February 24, 2014

Thunder And Lightening, Very Very Frightening!

The thunder, wind, and hail visited Illinois again this week.  


Ringo didn't like it.  I knew he would be bothered so I went in search of him and found him burrowed in the bottom of the linen closet.  

 He jumped out before I could get a picture of him.  I was only able to get this shot of him emerging.  He knows he's not supposed to be in there and he probably was trying to get out before mean ol' mama got him.

 Then while Katie was washing dishes he tried to wedge himself between her legs and the counter.  She opened the doors under the sink to give him more room.

I removed some of the cleaners so he could get himself all the way in the cabinet.  He didn't stay there long.  He wanted to be in a small space but he also wanted to be with his people at all times.

 So while I was at the computer, he was under the desk at my knees.  He would look up at me and pant like a steam engine, breathing hot doggy breath into my face.

When I opened the pantry to get items for dinner, he tried to climb in there, but there wasn't room.

When I opened the fridge, he tried to climb in there, but I shooed him away.

When I was cooking dinner at the stove, he was between me and the oven, despite the fact that my toes were touching the bottom of the oven when he wedged in there.

I still don't like him to go in our room so we keep the door shut.  However, I keep finding him in our room anyway because it's his favorite place to be when he's scared.  I thought Kerry was forgetting to shut the door, but on the day of the big wind, thunder, and hail Kerry was at work, and I knew I had shut the door.

Then Katie walked into the hallway from her room to find him standing on his hind legs and opening our bedroom door using his front paws.

This dog is seriously starting to freak me out.

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