Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Think She's Smart!

Brilliant Emily is taking two classes at the local community college.  This semester she is taking English 101 and History 218.  The classes are one right after the other and she has a fifteen minute break between the two.  There are a few other students who are also in the same two classes and she sees them (but doesn't interact with them in any way because she's an introvert and that's how she rolls).  But she knows who they are.

And apparently they know who she is too.

She was sitting in her English classroom reading a book while waiting for the class to start when two guys from her history class walked in, sat down, and started talking about the history test they had just gotten back from their professor.

One of them was complaining about how hard the test was and how he had apparently studied all the wrong stuff.

"I bet that girl did really well, I think she's really smart.  You should have seen her grin when she got her test back."

They're right.  She got an "A" on that test.  She is really smart.

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