Friday, February 28, 2014

Murder Mystery Theater

For Valentines Day, we took the girls to a local restaurant which was having a special "How To Host A Murder" style dinner theater.

The performers (all both of them) walked around and chatted with us before the actual show started and then gave us each a character bio as to who we would be during the performance.

Despite the spelling, my name was pronounced "Hotty Tottie".  I was a mermaid.
Kerry was a pirate and got to yell "Arrgh!" a lot during the show.

Both of the girls were mermaids like me.  Emily was not pleased that she had such a non-descriptive name.  But they were very pleased that they got to scream and swoon whenever Captain Jack's name was mentioned.

The pirate wench rubbed Kerry's head as she went by one time and then she kept coming back to rub it over and over.  She announced to the entire room that it was like rubbing a chinchilla.  The girls say they are scarred for life now.

Katie got pulled up on stage at one point to talk about her feelings for Captain Jack.  This may have been a mistake as Katie will take the mike and not give it back.  She has a lot to add to any conversation, that girl.

Kerry was the only one of us who guessed who the murderer was.  This was absolutely the most fun we've had since we moved to Illinowhere.  We laughed and laughed - the food was great, the company was divine, and frankly, I just couldn't have asked for a whole lot more for Valentine's Day.

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