Thursday, August 27, 2015


Moving into a new house always requires a LOT of work.  

I fool myself on every move thinking about how we've purged so much stuff and unpacking will be a breeze this time.

It never is.  We always get rid of just as much stuff when we are unpacking and we wonder why we didn't get rid of all of it before we moved.  

There's also the issue of curtains.  I have curtains that I haven't used in years but I can't get rid of them because you never know how many windows you will have in the next house.  I've bought curtains for houses all around the country only to find they won't work in the next house we move to.

Fortunately on this move, I didn't need to buy new curtains, I already had a set that will work.  But we did need to buy several curtain rods.  Kerry had already installed a couple of them before Ben got here but we still needed one in the living room.

I suggested that he get Ben to help since Ben will be a husband soon and will have to be doing this sort of thing on his own.  Then I set off to work on the kitchen.  When I came back, this is what I saw:

 Ben was reclining like Cleopatra on her barge while Kerry hung the rod supports.

I have to admit, I laugh my head off every time I look at this picture!

Then Kerry decided to change jobs with Ben!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day As A Freshman!

Emily's first day as a freshman in college (well, this college anyway) got off to a rollicking start!

They were divided into "teams" and had to play games and get to know the other freshmen.

At one point they had to write down answers to questions and a boy, (young man, guy, man-cub) asked to borrow a pen.  Emily usually has about twenty different pens on her at any given time and they are all different colors and serve different purposes. Saying that she is very attached to her pens is putting it mildly.

"Don't be surprised if I forget to give this back to you," the man-cub told her as she handed it to him.

"Well, I could just stab you and take it back," Emily responded to him (she's good at interpersonal communication).

She said she apparently terrified him and she got the pen back, pronto.

Lunch was a giant pizza buffet with salad off to one side.  Since Emily is allergic to dairy, she bypassed the pizza and headed for the salad.

"Sorry," the guy guarding the salad said.  "This pizza is only for people who are allergic to gluten because they can't eat the pizza."

"I can't eat the pizza," Emily told him.  "I'm allergic to dairy."

"Pizza has dairy in it?" he asked.

"Pizza has cheese on it, "Emily reminded him.  "So, I need to have some salad."

"But the salad is only for the people who are allergic to gluten," he told her.

"No," Emily snarled, "The salad is for the people who can't eat the pizza!"

She finally got some salad after a little more haggling.

Then she peeled the cheese off a piece of pizza and ate it just for spite.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Off To College!

We took Emily to college.

We never did this with Ben.  He flew straight to his college from his summer mission trip.  That hadn't actually been the plan when he left for the summer, so I didn't even know when we said goodbye that he wouldn't be back before he moved to the dorms.

So this was my first time taking a kid to college.

We left early that morning because Emily could hardly wait to get there.

Thirty minutes into the drive Emily suddenly remembered that she had left all her new dorm bedding at home.....

We turned around, drove thirty minutes back home, then drove the first thirty minutes again.  Then drove the rest of the trip.

We watched Emily get her student ID.

We got her checked into her dorm - it's actually like an apartment.  It has a living room with a sofa and three desks.

There is a separate bedroom with three beds. She wisely chose the bottom bunk.

 And a FULL kitchen.  This is great because Emily loves to bake when she's stressed.

We did great all day and said goodbye with no problem.

Until I got to the stairwell after leaving her in her room.

I was talking to Kerry and I choked up and couldn't go on.

But I held it together and we all kept the tears at bay.

 I don't think Emily had any problem with crying.  She seemed pretty excited about starting her next chapter!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Going Ape Videos!

I ran all of our videos together into one rather than put a dozen individual videos on here.  They are completely out of order but I'm sick and I don't feel like going back and doing it all over again!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Go Ape!

Yes, I know this is a ton of photos.  This isn't even all of them!

It was just so much fun I can't find many pictures that I don't want on here!

Ben got here last night.  Emily leaves for college tomorrow.

Today is our last day with all five of us for who knows how long?

So we decided to make sure it was a memorable day and we went to a zip line/tree top adventure!

 This is us getting ready to start the course.

 The first course and zip line are very low.  You learn how to hook yourself up to the lines while you aren't worried about falling.

 We had to walk across a tightrope in this area but because it was low, it didn't feel scary.

 The instructors hook you up in your harness, teach you the safety rules and then leave you after the first level.

 We were all hooked to the cables by two separate lines on our harnesses.

 So even if one failed, the other would hold you.

 There's very little chance of injury if you just follow all the safety rules.

 It still FELT scary in some of the areas.

 We had to climb up rope ladders to get to each course.

 And some of them were pretty tricky!

 You just have to remind yourself a LOT that you can not fall.

And then double check your harness!

 I was worried that I would be too old for this, but most of it wasn't too difficult.

The hardest part was climbing those rope ladders.

That's hard on the arms!

 The second hardest part is making yourself step off a very high platform.

 Ben, of course, was like a monkey through the whole thing.

 We got pretty good at hooking ourselves to the cables.  At first you feel really anxious about being able to do it.  After a while, you barely even think about it.

Afterwards, we intended to go to lunch, but we were so sweaty we could smell ourselves!

We ended up going home for lunch instead!