Friday, August 7, 2015

Ringo, Mighty Warrior

Tonight, the girls were walking the dogs down the street of our new neighborhood.

A neighbor was walking her two dogs who are about the same size as Ringo.  The puppies started barking at the unfamiliar dogs and those dogs took it as a personal affront.

They charged at the girls, snatching their owner off her feet and dragging her through the gravel. 

 Ringo stepped up to protect his family.

Emily said it all happened so fast.  The other woman was incapacitated on the ground and couldn't pull her dogs away but she hung on to their leashes so at least Emily was able to yank Ringo back and out of the fight.  He was bitten in the face.  

Katie took all three of our dogs back to the house while Emily helped the woman up and made sure she was all right.

Ringo is our defender!

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