Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day As A Freshman!

Emily's first day as a freshman in college (well, this college anyway) got off to a rollicking start!

They were divided into "teams" and had to play games and get to know the other freshmen.

At one point they had to write down answers to questions and a boy, (young man, guy, man-cub) asked to borrow a pen.  Emily usually has about twenty different pens on her at any given time and they are all different colors and serve different purposes. Saying that she is very attached to her pens is putting it mildly.

"Don't be surprised if I forget to give this back to you," the man-cub told her as she handed it to him.

"Well, I could just stab you and take it back," Emily responded to him (she's good at interpersonal communication).

She said she apparently terrified him and she got the pen back, pronto.

Lunch was a giant pizza buffet with salad off to one side.  Since Emily is allergic to dairy, she bypassed the pizza and headed for the salad.

"Sorry," the guy guarding the salad said.  "This pizza is only for people who are allergic to gluten because they can't eat the pizza."

"I can't eat the pizza," Emily told him.  "I'm allergic to dairy."

"Pizza has dairy in it?" he asked.

"Pizza has cheese on it, "Emily reminded him.  "So, I need to have some salad."

"But the salad is only for the people who are allergic to gluten," he told her.

"No," Emily snarled, "The salad is for the people who can't eat the pizza!"

She finally got some salad after a little more haggling.

Then she peeled the cheese off a piece of pizza and ate it just for spite.

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