Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Off To College!

We took Emily to college.

We never did this with Ben.  He flew straight to his college from his summer mission trip.  That hadn't actually been the plan when he left for the summer, so I didn't even know when we said goodbye that he wouldn't be back before he moved to the dorms.

So this was my first time taking a kid to college.

We left early that morning because Emily could hardly wait to get there.

Thirty minutes into the drive Emily suddenly remembered that she had left all her new dorm bedding at home.....

We turned around, drove thirty minutes back home, then drove the first thirty minutes again.  Then drove the rest of the trip.

We watched Emily get her student ID.

We got her checked into her dorm - it's actually like an apartment.  It has a living room with a sofa and three desks.

There is a separate bedroom with three beds. She wisely chose the bottom bunk.

 And a FULL kitchen.  This is great because Emily loves to bake when she's stressed.

We did great all day and said goodbye with no problem.

Until I got to the stairwell after leaving her in her room.

I was talking to Kerry and I choked up and couldn't go on.

But I held it together and we all kept the tears at bay.

 I don't think Emily had any problem with crying.  She seemed pretty excited about starting her next chapter!

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