Saturday, August 22, 2015

Belated Birthday Gift

Ben finally arrived home from his summer travels.  It's not really "home" for him as he's never been to this house before but his stuff is here so it's somewhat familiar at least.

Except - we sold his bed and all of his stuff is still in boxes because he hasn't been here to unpack it all so maybe it's not so familiar after all.

He wasn't here for my birthday but he showed up at the door of the house, handed me a greasy Hardee's bag and said, "Here's your birthday present!  I wrapped it myself!"

I thought I was about to get a burger and fries but it turned out he had actually bought me some gifts from Hawaii!  He just didn't have a way to wrap them so he stuck them in a fast food bag he had in the car!

Funny presentation for some awesome gifts - coffee, cookies, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts!

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