Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stuffed Crust Pizza!

Today the kids and I were at the PX and we decided to stop at the food court for lunch.

None of us are major pizza fans. We will eat it, it just isn't our preferred meal. Usually when we eat at the food court we eat Chinese or Subway. The good thing is that everyone can go where they want so we don't all have to eat the same thing.

Today however, the main thought was "We're hungry, which line is shortest?" The pizza place had the shortest line so we decided we would try it out since we hadn't eaten there before.

While we waited in line, we looked over the menu to decide what we wanted.

Katie said, "I want sausage and pepperoni with a cheese-stuffed crust."

"I don't think they have stuffed crust here," I told her.

"A few minutes later, as we inched forward in line, she again said, "I want sausage and pepperoni with the stuffed crust."

Again I told her, "They don't have that here, honey."

We all kept discussing what we were going to order and Katie piped up, "Make sure mine has the stuffed crust!"

"Katie," I said. "Look at me. Look in my eyes. They do not have stuffed crust. They do not have stuffed crust. They do not have stuffed crust! Do you understand?"

Ben looked at me, "Can I have stuffed crust then?"

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  1. This got me started off today with a good laugh! Thanks - GG