Monday, May 18, 2009

Squids Will Be Squids

The latest from Ben:

Today at Marine Biology class, we dissected a squid! I don't know where our teacher got them, it looks like she just bought them at any old store. They were a good foot long and smelled very fishy (or squidy). First we labeled the outside, then we cut them open. Did you know a squid has three hearts?

Squids don't have spines since they're invertebrates, but they do have a little bone called the pen, which is shaped like a quill. We then took the pen, dipped it in the squid's ink sack and wrote our names on our papers; that was pretty cool!

When we were done, our teacher told us to remove the pen and the beak and then put the rest of the squid on the counter. She then cooked them and ate them for dinner.

My science class is so cool!


  1. Sounds like that was interesting - until the part where she ate it. GG

  2. Does your momma need to get a recipe for the squid now? Tammy