Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fast Food Breakfast

This morning I had to drop Ben off at a car wash to support his boy scout troop. It was early and there was a Burger King right next to the car wash so I decided to go to the drive through and grab some breakfast.

I ordered two breakfast shots for Katie. Breakfast shots are like breakfast biscuits except smaller and on a little hamburger bun instead of a biscuit. It comes with egg and cheese on it, except Katie doesn't like egg or cheese so I always have to make a "special order" for her.

"I'll take two sausage breakfast shots but I don't want egg or cheese on them, just the sausage and the bun." Past experience has taught me to be extremely clear about what I want. Otherwise I wind up with a freaked out daughter throwing a fit because there is cheese on her sandwich and it's glued to the bun and can't be scraped off.

"You want breakfast shots?" The lady doing the asking has a strong accent and we are having trouble understanding each other.

"Yes. Two sausage breakfast shots with no egg and no cheese."

"Two of them?"

"Yes. Two. Sausage. No egg. No cheese."

"Do you want sausage, ham, or bacon?"


"Anything else?"

"I don't want egg or cheese on those. Just sausage."

"You don't want egg or cheese? Hold on. Let me tell them." She turns around and yells to someone else, "Don't put egg or cheese on those."

In exchange for my clear instructions I received four sausage breakfast shots. With egg.


  1. Funny!
    I notice you are about to reach 5,000 hits on your blog. Neat!

  2. At least it's easy to get the egg off. Kimberly went in to BK one morning asked for an Oreo shake, They told her "we don't have it this early" Kimberly -"Isn't your motto have it your way" Yes, - " I want a shake that's my way"

    Guess who got a shake.....