Friday, May 8, 2009

Okay, This Was Just Cool

This is Ben and Kevin. Kevin was Ben's youth pastor when we lived in Kansas. Now Kevin is moving here and is trying to start a youth group here similar to the one in Kansas.

The folks who hired Kevin asked him if he knew any teens who would be willing to be filmed talking about what it's like to be a teen in a military family and what it would mean to have a strong program for youth at the post chapel.

Kevin said, "Why, as a matter of fact, I do."

Kevin came over yesterday to scout out good locations around our neighborhood to do the interview. Then he came back today with a real cameraman and a real camera and a person who had come up with interview questions. He was probably sort of the director too, but he didn't say "cut" or "roll 'em" and he didn't clack together a black and white board at the beginning of each take.

Ben and Kevin started off doing push ups so they would look nice and muscular for the cameras.

Ben had to get all "miked up". There was a battery pack that was hidden in his pocket and microphone ran up inside his shirt and clipped on at the neck.

They did a few interview questions outside. I had the giggles terribly because Ben is never so still and so serious when he talks. It was like watching a different person.

They took some video of him walking out the door of the house so they can have some interesting shots of teen life on a military base. Apparently coming out of a door is something all teens in a military family can relate to.

They also did some scenes of Ben walking down the street. Again, a common experience to help reach other teens.

They actually decided to do the main portions of the interview in my house, which I had not expected, or prepared for. They really liked the fireplace as a background.

It is rather snazzy.

Ben was asked numerous questions about experiences unique to teens growing up in a military family and how his youth groups have impacted his life.

It will all be edited down into a two minute video to be shown to people who may be encouraged to help support a youth group on post.

I was thrilled for Ben to have this opportunity and proud of him for doing it.

I just thought it was going to be done outside.

The whole time I was thinking, "Dang, I wish I'd steam cleaned that carpet to get the dog smell out."

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  1. How EXCITING!!!! I know Ben did a wonderful job with the interview. Being good looking didn't hurt any either :0) GG