Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Fine Day

Today, Kerry managed to get off of work early and unexpectedly. We decided to go pick up the Honda. Wow! Is it nice to have our own car back! While we were out, we decided to visit the dogs since Kerry hasn't seen them since we loaded them on the plane back in Kansas. Those dogs adore Kerry.

They seemed to be in much better spirits today. The minute we let them out of their pen, Ringo took off like a blue streak and ran laps around the kennel. We managed to herd them down to the visitation park and play with them some. They were still sad when we left. It's so hard.

Then, the hotel we are staying in did a very nice thing today. They threw a party for all the kids who are spending Christmas in a hotel instead of home.

They had giant blow up jumpy things,

and giant blow up slides

and a spinny thing.

It started raining while the girls were on the spinny thing, but as it rains every day in Hawaii, the rides don't stop for a little rain.

The girls thought it was fun to ride in the rain anyway.

They also gave out free cookies, popcorn, cotton candy, and kool-aid. Before dinner. Santa was there but Katie wasn't interested in him.

Also, while the girls were on the spinny thing there was one obnoxious little, I mean, unsupervised young man, who decided to start yelling rude things at the adults every time the ride came around. There was only one other couple standing there beside me and after a couple of minutes I turned to them and said, "That's not your son is it?"

The wife said to me, "If that was my son, I've have slapped him off that ride by now."

Clearly, this boy - who seemed to be about ten or eleven years old - had no adult around watching him and he was unworried about repercussions.

Enter me. The big meanie.

When the boy got off the ride, he ran off laughing. I sauntered after him, just keeping him in my sights (I'm lucky there wasn't a surveillance camera; I might have been arrested for stalking). I watched him until I saw him run up to two women and say something to them, then he ran off again. I walked up to the two women, asked them if they were in charge of "that boy" and told him what he had yelled, repeatedly, on the ride. The women expressed shock and dismay and I walked off. Then I stood off to the side and watched them some more. They called the boy over, fussed at him for about ten seconds, and then sent him back off to play.

I guess he was right to be unconcerned about repercussions.

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