Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Funny Day

We had to have tons of bloodwork done on the dogs to get them into Hawaii. They had to have shots. They had to be microchipped. We had to have it all done 120 days ahead of time. We had to have them re-examined within a week before arriving in Hawaii to make sure they were healthy.

Turns out we (and our vet) missed something.

The dogs had not had their "kennel cough" shot. The kennel they are currently living in will not continue to board them if they do not have a kennel cough shot.

So today, we loaded the dogs up and took them to the vet.

This is what it looks like to ride to the vet with Rigger in the car.
He likes to look out the front windshield.

We get an up close view of his tongue the entire way.

And our shoulders are damp when we arrive.

As it turns out, the kennel cough shot is not a shot. It is a nose spray.

You have not lived until you have held down a dog to have something squirted up his nose.

They do not appreciate that this will keep them well.


Earlier today, I was chatting with Ben and he made a comment about "love dots".

"What on earth is a love dot?" I asked.

"You know," he tells me, "when people have a mole on their face and they call it a love dot."

"I've heard of birthmarks being called 'angel kisses', but I've never heard of a mole being called a love dot," I said.

"You know, mom," he insisted. "People used to put fake ones on their faces because they thought it made them more attractive."

How on earth did he get love dot out of beauty mark? I laughed so hard. The whole rest of the evening Ben would look at me every so often and say, "Love dot," just to set me off again.


We went and joined the Costco after dinner tonight. Many people here have told us it is the best place off post to get decent prices. It was raining when we got there, so Kerry dropped all of us at the front door and then he went to park. We joined up, looked around a while, and bought a book.

We headed out the front door and as we started across the parking lot, it started to drizzle pretty heavily.

"Well, at least it can't get any worse," Kerry said.


In a matter of seconds, the skies opened up and the deluge came down.

We started running.

"Wait! We're in the wrong row! One row over!" Kerry yelled.

We cut over to the next row, laughing hysterically.

"No! I think that was the right row!" Kerry yelled. We ran back. I don't know why we were running. At that point we were all so wet, it didn't really matter.

Finally, we just ran back up to the Costco. Kerry took a few minutes to regroup, then he set off in search of the car while we waited for him to pick us up.

We were drenched but we were laughing. Then Ben leaned up next to me and said, "Love Dot."

Life just doesn't get any better!

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