Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O Christmas Tree

We have a house! The housing office called us yesterday, and we went by to see our new house. They told us we could move in immediately! Wasn't that nice of them? They were making sure that we were in a real house by Christmas!

A house with no furniture!

No beds!

No phone, Internet, or cable hooked up yet!

Aren't they thoughtful!!!!

We declined their generous offer and told them we will move in Monday. In the mean time, we will be spending Christmas in our hotel.

With cable, Internet, phones, and maid service.

So, we decided to gussy up our little home with a small tree.

Charlie Brown springs to mind.

We got some cute miniature ornaments at the store.

And had ourselves a tree decorating party.

"I never did think it was such a bad little tree," said Linus.


Oh.....and we spent Christmas Eve at the beach. :-)

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