Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Heavy Lifting Is Done

All the furniture is out of the house! The movers showed up right on time and the fire alarm didn't go off, so we count it as a good day.

At first the movers were methodically loading things up and taking them downstairs. Not slow, but not hurrying either. Then, after a few hours, two more movers showed up to help, and apparently they were IN CHARGE. They barked out orders and had everyone else sprinting out to the truck with the furniture and boxes.

Then ............ it started to snow.

Normally, we are very excited to see snow. It's pretty. It's white. It sparkles. Lorelei Gilmore loves it.

But snow is wet. And when it lands on cardboard boxes and furniture, the results are not pretty. I think that may also be why the movers kicked into high gear. I did not envy them.

Once everything was gone, we moved into the hotel on post.

I have never needed a map to find my way through a hotel before.

The post hotel is made up of eleven connecting buildings. They give you a map at the front desk to help you find your way around. The problem is the map is like an arial view of the roof of the hotel. When you are trying to use the map to find your room, it looks like a straight shot: "Oh, just make a left, then a right, and take the elevator up to the third floor." This actually translates to: "Oh, take a right, and go about a mile, take a left and go another mile, then take a sharp left and a sharp right. Then go through the door at the end of the hall, and you will find yourself outdoors. Cut across the grass and go in the door in the opposite building. Cut through the stairwell and go into what looks like a supply closet - big metal doors with no window and no sign. The elevator will be in there. Take the elevator up to the third floor, then go back into the stairwell and go down half a flight stairs. Don't go down a full flight or you'll wind up in the wrong building. Go another mile, make a right, and your room is halfway down the next hallway."

I am not making this up.

We finally found our room and Kerry looked at me and said, "Thank goodness, I thought a Minotaur was going to jump out and grab us!"

We're thinking of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs so we can find our way back tonight.


  1. That's so funny... seriously! I'm really enjoying living this through YOUR eyes and thankful that I'm not doing it again. Cuz there are LOTS of good moving stories to be shared...

    By the way, how did the movers manage your stairs?!?

  2. Well, at least Kerry keeps you (and me) laughing.

    Fire alarms...snow...all working to make your last days in Kansas memorable.