Friday, December 5, 2008

Done With Housing

I've painted (excuse me, primed) so much my hands are raw. I've actually got a blood blister on my left hand. I had to go buy yellow rubber gloves to finish cleaning because the cleaners are eating my skin off.

But we are done. We just finished with the house inspection and we are currently homeless.

We went to the Post Office and mailed a bunch of school books to Hawaii to make our suitcases lighter.

We picked up the giant cargo van which will magically transport us to Kansas City tonight.

We took our van and donated it to the American Diabetes Association. There were just too many things going wrong with it for me to want to sell it. Immediately after we left the van with Richard, the guy who was picking it up, we got a phone call on Kerry's cell.

"This is Richard. I can't get the key to turn in the ignition, how do I............OH %#@!*&, I just broke the key off in the ignition!!!"

"Um, it sticks sometimes," I politely told him. "Don't try to force it." Grin. "Sorry you broke your key off in your van."

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