Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Surf Report

This morning, I woke up early and turned on the local news. The weather report caught my eye.

For one thing, the weatherman was wearing a floral shirt. No suit, no tie. So were some of the reporters. The local guests who were being interviewed wore tee shirts and shorts. Quite possibly these were their "best" tee shirts and shorts, but it's hard to tell.

Only tourists dress nicely.

Also, the weather report is fairly brief. Frankly, there just isn't a lot to report in a state where the weather varies only by about 10 degrees throughout the entire year.

"Yes, Ted, the low today will be 72 degrees just like the last three weeks. The high today will be 82 degrees just like the last three weeks. Watch out though! Next week the temperature will drop to 70! Brrrrrrrr!!!"

On the mainland, we see the weather for the entire contiguous 48 states. In Hawaii, they don't really care what the weather is like on the mainland. It has very little bearing over here.

They do announce the UV level each day so you can adjust your sunscreen accordingly.

The big job for the weatherman each day is the Surf Report.

This is much more important than the weather report. It lets everyone know where the biggest waves are if you want to go surfing. And it lets you know where no waves are if you have young kids or want to snorkel. Right now the biggest waves are on the north shore. Everyone has warned us not to go up there to swim right now because the waves are huge.

I watched part of a surfing contest on TV yesterday. I'll tell you what impressed me the most:

The cameramen.

Those men are out there floating in the water with only their heads and cameras showing. The surfers were whipping all around them, missing them by inches. Honestly, it looked a lot more dangerous than anything the surfers were doing.

I think they should give out awards to the cameramen instead of the surfers!

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