Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ko Olina Bay

Yesterday, we went snorkeling at Ko Olina Bay. It's at one of the prettiest resorts on the island. There are four lagoons that are perfect for snorkeling. Unfortunately, they weren't perfect yesterday because of all the rain we've had. The water was cloudy so there wasn't much to see. But the area is still very pretty and we'll definitely go back when the weather is clear.

I still can't convince the kids to walk down to the water and put their flippers on there.

Ko Olina consists of four man-made lagoons on Southwestern Oahu. The high surf can't reach the beach because of the rock barriers at the mouth of each lagoon. It makes for very smooth water and easy snorkeling. A couple next to us said that a sea turtle had crawled up on the beach there the day before!

They had these cool umbrellas on the beach. Luckily it wasn't crowded because of the weather so we were able to nab one.

We didn't see any fish because of the weather making the water so cloudy but Ben saw some crabs. Emily doesn't care for snorkeling yet, so we bought her a boogie board with a window in it.

Afterward, some friends told us that the news reports talked about how some sewage lines had burst and spilled into the ocean because of the storms, so we went back to the hotel and showered like crazy!


  1. Emily, I liked your idea of walking backwards in you flippers. Good One!!!!

  2. Love all the scenery. Envy, Envy.

  3. I am loving living vicariously through you and laughing along with your posts! You all are having a fantastic time and making wonderful memories:)