Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sleeping on Plastic

Sleeping on plastic covered mattresses is not very restful.


Every time you roll over, or even shift your position.........


Kerry said he kept dreaming that a giant moose was eating dry grass next to him.

The plastic actually did not bother me.

The air conditioner kept me up all night though.

It has been years since we've had a window unit A/C. The last time we had a window unit, I was pregnant with Emily. It was summer, and I could not get the bedroom cold enough at night. I remember shutting the bedroom door so none of the cool air would escape and turning the A/C on as high as it would go at as low a temperature as it could, and I still couldn't get cool. Kerry actually put an extra blanket on himself. And when that man needs even one blanket, much less two, you know it had to have been cold in that room. But I was roasting.

Luckily, pregnancy is not a concern these days. This A/C is keeping me cool enough. But it has an "energy saver" setting which makes it blow cool air for about five minutes, and then shut itself off for about five minutes. It roars to life every five minutes, snapping me awake, making me think there is a truck in the room. Then about the time I've adjusted to the noise level, it snaps off, leaving an equally deafening silence.

It's going to take me a while to adjust to this.

Any time I think about air conditioning, I remember my mother talking about the first time she ever felt "conditioned air". I can't imagine growing up without having A/C, but of course that was a time when no one had ever heard of it. She said there was a store in town that got an air conditioner and she and her friends liked to go shop in there just so they could feel the cool air. When they came out they talked about how weird and unnatural it felt.

I say, "Bring on the weird!"

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  1. Whenever I went to Hawaii, there was no air conditioner. Might be time to adapt to the Hawaiian temperatures... but Paul says if it's going on and off like that, something's wrong. Good Luck with that!