Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hold Baggage

Our hold baggage arrived today! (I would have pictures, but the batteries are dead in the camera.)

Hold baggage is all the stuff we sent ahead so that it would be here when we arrived. We sent ahead all our summer clothes, swimsuits, beach toys, pillows, blankets, cooking items, Christmas gifts, etc. In short, everything we would need when we arrived in Hawaii. It all left Kansas early enough to be delivered to us within days of our arrival.

Once we got here, they told us we couldn't have it.

They won't deliver that much stuff to the hotel. It's a fire hazard. why did they tell us to send this stuff ahead?

Anyway, it's here now. We had a little mini-Christmas handing out the Christmas gifts we had sent ahead. Poor Emily had outgrown many of the clothes I had bought her. I didn't know she was about to shoot up two full inches when I bought all this stuff.

One of the things we sent ahead in our hold baggage was a bicycle. With only one vehicle, we thought the bicycle would be useful for Kerry to ride to work so I could have the car.

We were unaware that there would be a daily monsoon and riding a bike would be completely out of the question.

The last time I saw the bike was in Kansas. I wheeled it out to the men who were loading our hold baggage on to a truck and said, "This is the last thing to go!"

The first time I saw the bike today was when one of the movers sliced open a card board box, removed the two wheels, marched them into my living room and said, "Where do you want these?"

"Right back outside where you're going to put it together," I replied with a smile.

"I don't know how to put a bike together. I'm just a mover," he told me.

"Well, it was all in one piece when I turned it over to the movers in Kansas and one of the movers took it apart," I told him.

"Oh, I can take things apart," he told me. "That's easy. But I don't know how to put a bike together."

"Well, it's got to be put back together before you leave, and it won't be done by me," I replied laughing. (Note: always smile and laugh with your movers for as long as possible. Save the complete witchiness for when all else has failed. Being friendly works wonders.)

One of the other movers finally put the bike together.

Mission accomplished. No shots fired.

Those who do not move on a regular basis do not understand the thrill of getting your stuff back. Even the smallest things, like your favorite pillow, are a joy to behold when you have been sleeping on a hard hotel pillow for a month and then sleeping on a rolled up winter coat (with water proof nylon shell) for several days.

I almost cried when I pulled my pillow out of a box today. "Rosebud," I nearly sobbed, "Rosebud!"

Tonight I shall sleep on my own pillow, under my own comforter, on a mattress covered in plastic.

So close to perfect......................

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