Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wax Yourself

I'm not really much of a girly girl.

I don't get facials. I don't pay a lot for a haircut. I don't dye my hair (highlights don't count). I don't get my nails manicured unless I have a wild hair or a coupon.

BUT.....remember the day I went to the dentist and they did a paraffin wax dip on my hands? That really pushed my button. My hands have never been so soft! And my skin looked so smooth and so young. All the areas between the blue veins on the backs of my hands were positively glowing with youthfulness!

I must have talked a lot about how impressed I was with the paraffin hand dip because my darling husband gave me one for Christmas. (It was either that, or the fact that I showed him one in the store and said, "I want that". I think I showed it to him twice.)

The girls and I tried it out this week. They like it as much as I do.

First you melt four pounds of paraffin wax in the container. Then you dip your hand in, lift it out, let the wax dry, then dip again. About three dips should do it.

When you are done, your hand looks like it belongs in Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum.
But see how young my hand looks already!?!?!?!

Oh wait. No, that's Emily's hand. I can tell because she has gnawed her nails off to the nub.

Then, you wrap your hands in plastic bags and slide your hands into oven mitts to retain the heat.

Wait fifteen minutes, ideally thirty, and even more ideally with some soft music and a hot coffee and some chocolate cookies, and a foot massage.

Have someone peel off the plastic bags for you.

There is no lack of volunteers for this chore.

The wax, once it is peeled off, retains the shape of your hand

and is fascinating to all children in the house.

Especially when you can turn it back around into the shape of fingers.

Or ball it up and throw it at someone.

Emily thinks like me on this. She said, "Wouldn't this be great if we could wrap our hands up and lay down and let Daddy and Ben give us foot massages?"

"Have fun with that fantasy," said Ben.

He's not really on board with the whole pampering thing yet.

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