Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ace of Cakes

Any one who knows me well, knows I love Ace of Cakes. In fact, when I started this blog, my third post ever was about how much we all love Ace of Cakes. It is such a wonderful show! It's clean, it's artistic, it's funny. It's amazing to see what they can do with cake! To check out some of their cakes, look at their Charm City Cakes website! You'll be amazed!

Imagine then, my surprise when my neighbor told me that the Ace of Cakes crew is here right now, on this base, two blocks from my house, making a cake for their show! She asked me if I wanted to go.

Uh.............Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!

The Ace of Cakes crew came to Hawaii to film two shows. They made a cake for the cast and crew of the television show "Lost" which is filmed here. And they made a cake to honor the soldiers here.

It looked like most of the cast/bakers/decorators of the show came. I had thought maybe just one or two of them would come, so it was great to see so many of our favorites!

There was a spotlight shining from behind them that was messing up my camera focus!

Time for the unveiling!

The cake was smaller than I expected, but VERY, VERY cool! The propeller on top actually rotated and it had colored lights on it that turned on and off. They officially cut the cake, but other cakes were served to the crowd. No one wanted to see that cool cake get chopped up and eaten!

Duff, Geoff, Mary Alice, and Erica all sat at a table to sign autographs. We waited for two hours to get up to where they were. I was worried that an announcement would be made any moment that they had to leave, but they stayed and signed and smiled for photos and were very nice to all these people who were burning out their retinas with flash after flash.

Duff and Mary Alice were particularly nice to Katie. She told them that her Daddy was in Afghanistan and they both stopped what they were doing and talked to her as if she were someone really special.

I told them that my husband had just sent me a text message and that he said to tell them they were awesome and he loves their show. Mary Alice said, "Tell him HE'S awesome and we love him too!"

Katie told them she'd been watching their show "ever since she was a little kid". They got a big kick out of that.

Ben got them to sign his tennis shoe! That's much cooler than a piece of paper.
Ben told Duff not to inhale around those shoes.
He's pleased that he got to hear Duff's legendary laugh.

Geoff, who is the funniest person on the show, was very nice but quiet.
I didn't recognize Erica actually. I don't think I've seen her on the show.
But everyone was incredibly nice and patient.

I don't know if I could be that nice to a bunch of strangers if I had to sit there signing my name over and over and over for hours. It was such a wonderful feeling to have these people, who are so well known and well liked, showing their support for our soldiers.

Of course, now Ben had to have a new pair of tennis shoes. He certainly isn't going to wear these again!


  1. What a wonderful experience! Ben, what SIZE is that shoe. It looks enormous! GG

  2. Very cool! You stayed to meet Duff and the crew and got closeups! I left after the unveiling seeing that long line. Looks like you had better seats than me. ;)

    Here's my story.

  3. That was some cake! I left you some bloggy love over at my food blog!

  4. hello! I found your blog via another blog of a blog! Such a cool story and such a dear family! Glad to have met you! I have linked to you to continue to read your fun adventures! We live right near Jacksonville AR AFB and have also spent some time at Pearl Harbor. Went joggin a little bit on Hickam. Such a pretty place!

  5. I really like the photos you have on this post. Did you take them?

    I intend to establish a Facebook fan page for Mary Alice, and I was wondering if you might allow me to use photo IMG_0099 on the page? I would give you full credit for the image, of course.