Monday, January 12, 2009

Adjusting to the Climate

When we were getting ready for church on Sunday, I was peering through my closet trying to decide what to wear. Some of the outfits I brought with me just don't seem Hawaiian enough. Two of the outfits in particular were my favorites in Kansas. They both have short sleeves but they are really dark colors. Black just doesn't seem appropriate in Hawaii. I knew that if I wore either of my black outfits I would look really out of place. Hawaii is a place for floral patterns and bright sunshiny colors, dontchaknow.

So I picked out a pink flowery top and white pants (all the while giggling at the "no white until after Easter" rule). I slipped into a cute pair of white open toed shoes, and off we went.

When we got there, I walked up to the group of women standing outside talking. They started laughing as I walked up. They were all wearing sweaters and closed toe shoes! AND they had been standing there talking about how cold it's been lately! It was probably around 65 degrees!

We all had a good laugh about how to the locals, this weather is really chilly and calls for a sweater. But to a newcomer (who just arrived from the snow and ice a month ago) it's really warm!

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