Monday, January 19, 2009

Youth Group Fun

Today after church, Ben was invited to go play "Airsoft" with the testorerone laden youth of the church. Apparently, every Sunday, all the teen boys go to lunch, play Airsoft for four hours or so, then meet back at the church for a youth group study and games.

I had never heard of Airsoft. I was told the boys would be shooting pellets at each other "sort of like paintball" and that it was lots of fun.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "AirSOFT" I think of the boys shooting SOFT pellets at each other. Sort of like Nerf bullets. Or mini-marshmallows.

Turns out they are actually shooting hard little BB's at each other which hurt like crazy and leave bruises and welts and red marks and Ben can hardly wait until next week so he can do it again and this time Kerry is going to go with him so he won't miss out on the fun.

I probably don't even need to point out that not one single teen girl from the church chooses to participate in this game.

When we went to the church to pick Ben up this evening, we just pulled up in the parking lot while I called his cell phone to let him know we were there. He answered his phone with a hiss, "I'll have to call you back! I'm hiding in a great spot and........."

He was interrupted by the whoops and yells of the enemy who had heard his cell phone ring and had thusly tracked him down in what was the best hiding spot ever.

"Thanks a lot, MOM!"



  1. Bryan, Logan and Dad all enjoy playing airsoft. I finally broke down last year for Christmas and allowed for B to receive his own guns. A hint...old BDU's work great to soften the blow of the 'not soft' airsoft pellets! (And they totally get into the Rambo role!)

  2. Josh and IV are Airsoft players too. They head over to Alex's house for major battles many weekends. Last weekend it was 10 degrees when IV went over for a 6 hour battle. Definitely a different experience from Hawaii. Miss you.