Friday, January 16, 2009

Emily Bakes a Cake!

Not only can Emily make an awesome sandwich,

she can bake a cake that will knock your socks off!

First, she made a devil's food cake in a skillet.

Not a cake pan or a Bundt pan - a skillet.

She had some trouble chopping up the chocolate for the icing, so I got to help with that part.

Katie wanted to help, but Emily would only let her perch precariously nearby and watch.

She melted chocolate and caramel together and spread it over the cake.

After she iced it with the chocolate/caramel mixture,

she drizzled more caramel on top and then added pecans!!

Sin on a Plate

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  1. I have tasted some of Emily's creations and I remember how good they were. That girl is a chef in the making.