Friday, January 16, 2009

Ben's Science Class

I signed Ben up for a science class for homeschoolers. There is a woman here who teaches the lab portions of Biology classes. Because Ben wants to be a marine biologist, I felt this would be an excellent way for him to get practice dissecting things without me having to touch any of it.

Here is Ben's report on his first day of class:

Today, I went to the first day of my science class. Because it was the first day, we didn’t actually learn anything. However, we saw some cool preserved animals that the science teacher had collected. They were preserved in that nasty formaldehyde, but the animals were still cool - smell and all. There was a three-foot long shark, some eels, salamanders, mudpuppies, cowfish, and lots of other little things. We did get to dissect some fish that were probably bought at the store. We split into three groups, and I was the main worker of my group (due to the fact that my comrades were squeamish). I had to pull out the spine, heart, intestines, gills, and the eyes. It was messy, but the fun part was the eyes. When I was trying to pull one out, I squeezed too hard and it popped, squirting juice all over our teacher. She said that she preferred being squirted to squirting a student which might have scared everyone away. When we finished she threw all the fish into a frying pan and gave it to her dogs for dinner.

I know you all will be looking forward to future weekly episodes of "Gross Out" by Ben!

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