Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr. Squeemish

Ben is a daredevil.

He will eat anything as long as it is gross to others. He's eaten crawdad eyeballs and brains, squid, octopus, alligator, ostrich, bison, elk, buffalo, haggis (ick), wild boar, and frog, to name a few.

He laughs at danger. He went into an off limits area in Kansas and came close to getting shot by a hunter. He thinks rock climbing is fun, fell off the top of a ten foot slide last year, loves white water rafting, adores high speed snow skiing and jet skiing, has been bitten by a horse, and wishes he had access to nitroglycerin.

The other day, he and I were in the dining room going over his school work, when Emily walked in and started telling me about a problem she was having with her bra.

Ben stuck his fingers in his ears and started singing, "LA LA LA LA LA!" at the top of his lungs.

Some people are so squeamish.


  1. Your house sounds like mine. At least there is not a younger brother (Gus) to put the bra on his head and dance around the house singing at the top of his lungs. And the older one (Caleb)laughing hysterically and Kimberly screaming "GIVE THAT BACK!" Life is not dull.

  2. The best way to clear men out of a room is to bring up "periods" or labor pains. They just can't take it. :0) GG