Friday, January 30, 2009

Marriott Ko Olina

The week before Kerry deployed, we had some friends come to Hawaii from their home in Alaska. They were staying at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club and they asked us to come swim with them one afternoon while they were here.

Wow! This is one amazing hotel! I think this is my favorite hotel in the world now, and I didn't even make it inside to see what the rooms are like! I'm thinking that when Kerry comes home, we may make this our "second honeymoon" location!

This is the view from the pool to the beach. You can walk to the beach in about thirty seconds or you can swim in the pool and still be able to see the ocean.

The pool is not like any rectangular, ordinary pool you've ever been in. The entire thing looks like a lagoon with separate pools connected by waterfalls, tunnels and slides, all formed to look like natural rock outcroppings.

This is one of three hot tubs in the area we were in. The waterfall splashing into it made it seem like we were on a tropical island somewhere.......oh wait. We are.

This is the slide that the kids enjoyed going through.

There are great little areas of rock that the kids could hang on to. They had some great play time in these pools!

Katie and Kerry coming out of a tunnel through a waterfall.

The Marriott's web site says they have seven hot tubs. I only found three of them because once I was in one, I refused to get back out.

This is the beach. It is a man-made bay which provides very calm water perfect for smooth swimming.

Happy Family.
When I asked Katie why she posed like this she said, "I was trying to look like, 'Ahhhhhhhh. We're in Hawaii!'"


  1. These pictures are just GREAT! GG

  2. Katie looks more like she's saying "Aaaahhhhh!!! We're in Hawaii! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!"