Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Em Makes A Sandwich

When Emily makes a sandwich, she REALLY makes a sandwich.

First she arranges bread dough in a wreath shape.

Katie wants to help.

Then Emily drizzles Italian herbs and garlic all over the top of the bread.

Then she coughs all over it just as Katie snaps a picture.

We figured the oven would kill any lingering germs.

After the bread came out of the oven, I sliced it in half.

Emily sliced up veggies and let Katie help put all the fixin's on.

She also drizzled Italian dressing over the whole thing for some extra flavor.


This sandwich was so big, we had it for dinner AND for lunch the next day!
I LOVE having kids who cook!

Rigger waited patiently for someone to give him a taste................


  1. What a delicious looking sandwich! Does she make the dough from scratch too? And she is such a patient sister!

  2. I want one of these when I get there. GG