Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Dogs Are Home!

The dogs are home! We were able to pick them up and bring them to our new house. They are so delirious with joy, it's funny and a little sad.

I worry that they think they were being punished for some reason and that's why we left them in a boarding facility for three weeks.

Rigger came home with a really nasty cold, and it's easy to tell he doesn't feel well. He seems droopy and tired. His eyes are red and his nose is runny. Imagine a 155 pound toddler with a heavy nasal discharge.

They are desperate for attention and are frantic when we leave.

If any of us are still for even a few moments, they attach themselves to us.

You don't even have to be paying attention to them.

They clearly need some serious cuddle time.

They seem to like snuggling with Ben the most.

But if he isn't available, anyone else will do.

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