Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Love Affair With Ace of Cakes

My kids and I love to watch the show "Ace of Cakes".

We DVR every episode and usually find time to watch it together during the day. The cakes they make on the show are amazing works of art! It is amazing to watch them create motorcycles, stadiums, animals, trains, etc. - all completely edible!

My youngest daughter (age 7) is absolutely consumed with desire to order a mermaid shaped cake from Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD. I've tried explaining to her that (1) a cake from their shop would probably cost hundreds of dollars and frankly, we just can't put that much money into a cake and (2) we live in Kansas, baby! The logistics of getting a cake from there to here in one piece - with all the icing still on it - would be a nightmare (and my husband is a logistician too, so he would know!) So, yesterday, after watching the show, my little Smidgen starts in again coming up with ideas about how she wants "Ace of Cakes" to make her a mermaid cake. Finally, I tell her, "Okay honey, I tell you what. If you get a horrible disease and the "Make a Wish" foundation decides to grant you a wish, you can wish for a mermaid cake from Charm City Cakes." She clasped her hands together in absolute ecstasy, delightedly chirped, "Okay!" and skipped happily away, secure in the knowledge that she might die, but it won't be without her mermaid cake.

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