Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Welcome Thee, Almighty Target

You can not imagine the delirious joy of living on an island.

You can not imagine the delirious joy of living on an island and having a new store open.

Target has come to Hawaii.

And the population has gone wild.

Crowd control has been activated. The parking lot is closed off when it is full and everyone circles like sharks waiting for someone to leave so they can take their parking space. The driveway in front of the store has been completely blocked off with orange cones and tape and has police manning it at all times to direct people safely in and out of the store.

When you live on an island, you can't just drive to the "big city" to the Target. You can't cross state lines for an afternoon of shopping at larger stores. You can look at the items on-line and pay astronomical shipping fees to have something sent to you, but you can't walk in the store and browse. You can't try things on to see if they fit you.

So when a major store like Target opens.........the shopping frenzy begins.

We didn't even try to go the first week it was open. I heard it was crazy. We waited for things to calm down a bit and waited for a weekday. I won't get within a mile of that store on a weekend.

When we rounded a corner today and spotted that big red bulls-eye, the girls screamed like groupies at a rock concert. "Target!!!!!"

The Beatles had nothing on a new store in a Target deprived community.

The girls and I had a great time browsing all the departments and trying on clothes in the dressing room. I sent Ben off to the men's section to look for shorts. He popped up five minutes later with three pair of shorts totalling $80.

"Did you try any of these on?" I asked.

"I don't shop, Mom. I just buy."

"Well, when you're buying with my money you don't get $80 worth of shorts."

Mean moms have good kids.


  1. I can so relate to the elation of a Target. I've been known to drive 2 hours to shop at one! While on my "island" I've been doing my fair share of online Target. What is my first stop when in the States. Target of course! And two baskets later....
    Relish in the Big Red Bullseye!

  2. OMG!!!!! Amy you sound just like my parents. When we want something expensive yall parents always say "No way!! There are somethings in life you can just deal with!!" Lala (Mary) always says "Im not buying anything thats more than my clothes and shoes." Kimberly