Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News from the Front

Here is Kerry's latest story about military life in Afghanistan:

My briefing to the General went well and we survived unscathed. Originally, he was scheduled to arrive at 1530 and we had the conference room set up with coffee, danishes.....a really nice spread since about 20 people were going to be there. His aide called (after we waited for 20 minutes and I was poised outside to meet him at the door) and said they would have to re-schedule. Oh we opened the flood gates and invited all of the soldiers in the building to come and eat the goodies. The swarm of locusts descended within minutes and left nothing on the table. I dutifully took all of the classified briefings and put them in our classified trash can to be shredded and then burned.

Our boss left early (at 1700) because his wife (who is also stationed here) was in the area. Wouldn't you know 1705 we received a frantic phone call that the General was en route. Panic! I was digging through the trash can trying to retrieve enough copies to brief him with while everyone else scrambled to get the conference room re-set up.

However, everything went well. I was not fired and he left satisfied.


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