Friday, March 20, 2009

Homeschool PE

We are fortunate enough to be part of a group of homeschoolers that meet to do PE once a week.

The kids always start with stretches and then sprint races.

They spend one full month working on a particular sport.

Last month it was volleyball for the older kids............

....and badminton for the younger kids.

This month it is tennis for the younger kids, and jumprope for the older kids.

You're thinking, "Jumprope? You mean they just hand them each a jumprope and tell them to jump for an hour? That doesn't sound like much fun. And it doesn't sound like a sport either."

You would be amazed at what kids can do with jumpropes.

Check out this girl as she jumps while sitting on the floor.

And these girls who are learning to jump in tandem while turning in a circle.

Or this boy who jumps rope while jumping rope.

Even Ben is finally learning to make it through the ropes without getting hung up in them - and he even manages a shoulder roll after he goes through!


  1. Looks like fun to me. What a great program!

  2. That is really cool. We were stationed in Hawaii for 3 years, (we're homeschoolers) and I had no idea about any homeschool PE program!! Very cool!