Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Thing Most People Don't Do In Hawaii

In all my research about Hawaii, in all the time that I have been prowling around this island finding new thing that was never mentioned:

Square Dancing.

I never, not once, connected Hawaii and square dancing in my mind. (I'll bet you never did either.)

Oddly enough, we found out that a bunch of the homeschoolers who attend our church go square dancing every Saturday night. So we decided to try it out. I thought my kids would think this was way beyond the usual dorkiness factor that we have. But amazingly, since a lot of their friends were doing it, they thought it sounded cool.

Then we got there and found out it was actually fun! I kept waiting for Emily to dissolve into a tearful puddle, but she was laughing and having a good time! Many of their friends have been doing it so long they are in the advanced class!

It was an absolute blast! We all had such a great time! We are planning (by unanimous vote) to keep going.

But we're not going to wear the dorky outfits.

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  1. GG will have to break out her old outfits and shoes for ya'll to use. Maybe next visit she can get out there and show them a thing or two. Or was that clogging her and Uncle Eddie did? I don't remember but I know they had allot of fun doing it. Tammy