Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Card

Today is Kerry's birthday. I had each of the kids make a card for him and we sent them in a care package with his gift. Of course, the girls made beautiful cards with hearts and lots of love enclosed. They drew pictures of themselves with their Daddy. There is love in every square inch of those cards.

Here is Ben's contribution:

"I heard that it's your birthday!

I also heard that it's about time for your mid-life crisis.

So when you waste your money on a big vehicle..........

(open card)

Make sure it's a Humvee!!!

(back of card)

PS - Sorry about the cheap card, but I think you're old enough to understand that with the economy as bad as it is, I had to make some big cuts on the materials."


  1. I love the note, it is very clever.

  2. Yeah!!! Go Ben!! Thats just the kind of card you guys need!!! Those rock on ice just like Kerry!!! It would fit him perfectly.