Monday, October 20, 2008

Think there might be a REASON to stay out of a restricted area?!?!?!

Ah. The joy of raising a boy.

I know very little about boys. I don't have any brothers, so I didn't see the sort of things that boys do growing up. I understand my girls. I can take one look at them and know by their expressions if something is up. I look at Ben, and he could be about to do anything, and I wouldn't catch it. It's like trying to raise an alien from another planet. I'm baffled by what is going on in his head sometimes.

This weekend he went camping with a cub scout troop. He is a boy scout, and he and two other teenage boy scouts went along to help out; to be the "older, wiser" scouts that the young cubs could look up to. They were in charge of singing campfire songs (the Big Mac Rap was requested a number of times) and helping supervise activities and controlling the general mayhem that large numbers of young boys cause.

When he came back from the camping trip, I asked him, "So how was it?"

"It was great! I almost got shot," he responded with enthusiasm.

Turns out he and the other two boy scouts got to go on a little hike through the woods by themselves for a bit. They came to a sign that said "Restricted Area - Keep Out". Naturally, they completely disregarded this sign as being pertinent to them. They figured there was probably a building somewhere nearby with secret documents in it. Nothing that they would be bothering, so they continued on.

Pretty soon, they came to a clearing. Sitting in the clearing were six fresh apples. But there was no apple tree nearby. "That's odd," they thought. "How did those six fresh apples get there."

Ben walked over and picked one up. Then he heard a disembodied voice growl, "Hey! Put them apples down!"

They looked around and spotted a hunter in a tree. HE had placed the apples out to attract deer so he could SHOOT them with his bow and arrow.

I told Ben, "You are sooooo lucky that he didn't aim and shoot when he heard you walking up! He could have thought you were a deer and fired off an arrow before he got a good look at you!"

He is now busy fantasizing about what a great scar he could have to show people if he had survived being shot with a real bow and arrow.


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