Monday, October 13, 2008

Corsets Galore!

We spent a day at the Renaissance Fair. Those are always fun. I'm amazed by some of the elaborate costumes we see. Some people put a lot of thought and effort into truely looking the part.

I can't even imagine how you train to be a knight at a joust. Seems like your employment opportunities would be limited. The armor they wear is incredibly heavy. And how they kept from injuring each other is beyond me!

We saw many Lords and Ladies in fabulously elaborate costumes. We saw lots of "goth" Renaissance costumes too. I just can't imagine anyone dressing in black lipstick and black spidery looking dresses back then though.

We saw the King and Queen. Kerry was fortunate enough to be in the Royal Privy when the king decided to stop in. He sat on the throne right next to him!

Then there are the pets, who clearly researched what animals of the Renaissance period wore to make sure they fit in.

And fairies galore! I don't remember ever seeing so many fairies at a Renaissance Fair before. That's a popular look this year.

But most of all we saw what can only be called "buxom wenches". These are the gals who can't come naked (it isn't allowed) but they want to make sure everyone sees what they've got. Then they pretend to be completely unaware that their chests are on display for all to see. We giggled a lot at these gals.

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